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6/26/21 The Belmont Dallas

The Belmont Motor Hotel opened in June 1947 on Fort Worth Avenue.  The design was unique with many wonderful details and whimsical features throughout the site. The “California” design had a mix of streamlined Modern with its numerous horizontal lines, and Spanish eclectic with its rounded corners, arches, and stucco facades. 

6/21/21 The Pink Palace

This is no ordinary hotel. Seductively hidden amongst 80-year-old palm trees and banana leaves, The Beverly Hills Hotel had her name long before the city even existed. Beverly Hills was literally built around the blush façade of this iconic hotel, affectionately known as the ‘Pink Palace’. Fun Fact! Fans swooned and sent Love Letters up to Elvis Presley's suite via Balloon.  This Hotel is a must see for me, and is definitely on our to-do list. Prices start around $600 a night, but is well worth the cost to stay at this icon of Luxury. You can see more here. 

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